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How do you make a #27 Honey Blonde Lace Wigs look good?

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The monotonous natural black hair color can bore, so some people decide to change a new hair color. There are many hair colors available in the wigs market now, but why I choose to introduce this #27 honey blonde hair? Next, I will explain why I recommend this-hair colored lace wig, please kindly read on.


#27 honey blonde is a kind of blonde hair color. Like its name, this color looks like sweet honey. It is not as bright and shining as 613 blonde, and also is not as dark as #8 brown, #27 honey blonde is the middle. This color is warm and gentle that can make women look more graceful.


After listening to the introduction of these #27 honey blonde lace wigs, do you have a little heartbeat? Below are some beautiful #27 honey blonde 40 inch frontal wig, you can kindly check for references:


All lace front wigs are made of several 100% virgin human hair bundles and 13 inches width lace frontals. These 13 inches width lace frontals can cover people’s foreheads from ear to eat that can make people have more natural and real hairlines. These #27 colored human hair wigs are suitable for people who are always in pursuit of perfection.


Why most people love it? Body wave hair is a kind of wavy hairs that has bigger and looser curls than other hair textures. A woman with body wave hair looks more mature and charming. A #27 body wave lace front wig is also a good choice for a date.   


Compared to the above body wave hair, the curls of water wave hair are smaller and tighter. These small and tight curls can make a 13x6 lace frontal wig more fluffy. Water wave hair is a particular feature of Yolissa Hair.


Most people will choose it as it is easier to maintain than other wavy hair textures. Straight hair is not easy to get tangled and knotted. Classic is never out of fashion, choosing a straight lace wig also never goes wrong.


These 4x4 lace closure wigs are different from lace frontal wigs. The main difference between these two kinds of lace wigs is lace sizes. Lace closures have shorter width than lace frontals. That is why lace closure wigs are more convenient to install, no need to use glue.


And the prices of lace closure wigs are also more competitive than lace frontal wigs. People who have limited budgets can consider choosing lace closure wigs. There are also three hair textures in Yolissa Hair now: straight hair, body wave hair, water wave hair. You can choose your preferred hairstyles in our store.


At the end of the introduction of #27 honey blonde lace wigs, I will introduce another hot-selling colored wig - 613 blonde wigs. Yolissa Hair 613 blonde wigs have three hair textures include straight, body wave, and water wave. 613 blonde human hair wigs are eye-catching hair wigs that can give people mysterious images. Come and get one!

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