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How do you match hair color with topper?

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"Does my topper need to match my hair color?"

We answer this question almost every day. Today, let's talk about the color matching for hair toppers.


If you're in the beginning or progressive stages of yollisa hair loss, you do not need to pay extra money to buy a large-base topper. Choose a proper base size that is right for you to blend it with your own hair. Then, your topper needs to match your own hair color in order to achieve a natural look.


However, your topper does not always need to match your latest hair colour wig exactly. There are a couple of conditions this might be:


1. As long as your root color matches the topper root color, you can wear a topper that has a different color. This is more important than actual color matching. For example, if you have darker burgundy lace wigs human hair and want to wear a blonde topper, just try to match the root color. It will work well because when people color/highlight their bio hair, the hair underneath is always darker.


2. If you go for a larger base size, for example, 8.5" x 9" base toppers will be covering the majority of your bio hair. This way you can go for a topper with a similar hair color to yours and the large topper will cover most of your hair so it doesn't need to match precisely.


3. Length and texture is also important. One of our customers got her first wavy topper that was a few inches longer than her hair and a different color, and the blunt lighter ends of her hair were really noticeable. She ended up straightening the topper to match her hair texture and trimmed her topper to the same length as her bio hair. The final result was great.


Hope this blog helped to answer your questions. Please share your opinions with us! Can you wear a topper that is different to your bio hair? We would love to hear your thoughts and experience.


You can use this information to decide which fiber would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Think about how much time you want to spend styling or caring for your hair, or how much styling flexibility you want to have. A consultation gives you the invaluable opportunity to meet with an alternative hair expert who will answer all your questions and help you find the right hair topper for your level of hair loss and lifestyle.

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