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How do you cut bangs with a synthetic wig?

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How to cut bangs on a wig has been a highly requested wig query tutorial that everybody is always asking me to cover. I can tell you how I cut my bangs on my wigs from my experience. Let's get chopping.

These super long bangs on synthetic 5x5 closure wig give you the flexibility to make the bangs however you want. So if they start long enough, you can cut them straight, or if you are cosplaying a character that has really unique bangs, you could do that too.

This time I won't use a Styrofoam head to hold the new hair wig trends in place, as Styrofoam heads are smaller than human heads and the shape is different too - meaning the bangs will look different on the Styrofoam head vs. on your own head. Put the transparent lace wig on your own head to begin.


For my style I like to leave longer pieces of hair on either side of my bangs. They help to frame my face and I think they're really cute. The point of reference that I usually use when sectioning these longer pieces off is to section off the hair right before where the arches of my eyebrows are.


Then to make sure these two longer pieces don't get snipped; I clip those two pieces back to keep them out of the way. Now we're ready to trim. It doesn't matter if it looks good at this point. It definitely doesn't need to be even. We're just moving that extra weight from the ends to make it easier to see what we're doing. That was just a warm-up.


To trim the bangs exactly how I want, instead of pulling them to the middle to cut, I split them and then do one side at a time. Cutting them straight across when they are pulled towards the middle can be tricky and for me just doing one side at a time helps to keep them straight.


I like it because it's a more forgiving way to cut hair rather than cutting straight across. If you mess up cutting them or if it's not perfectly straight, it can be obvious and often hard to fix if you are cutting straight across. With chipping you get more texture and it's a lot easier to hide any mistakes.


Make sure that you're brushing the two sides back together from time to time to shape up the middle and observe the bangs. Synthetic hair does not grow back of course. So trim a little at a time so you don't actually cut off too much. This does take longer, but it can help you avoid a disaster.


After you have trimmed your bangs how you like them, use a makeup brush to clean off any tiny hairs off your face. Wig hair is not your actual hair. If it's not perfect, the wig is literally moveable. You can sit the wig further back on your head to make the bangs seem shorter or you can pull it forward to make them seem longer.


You can tilt the wig slightly one way or another. You're constantly moving around and so are your bangs. They're never going to be perfect anyway. So, don't sweat it.


After a little styling with a comb and a spray of hairspray to set them in place, that's all you need to do for flawless wig bangs.

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