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How often should you wash synthetic hair extensions?

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Compared with old synthetic extensions that are shiny and fake, synthetic hair extensions have made great technological progress these years. The synthetic fiber of hair extensions is soft to touch and feels just like real human hair 5x5 lace closure wigs.


Compared with human hair 613 closure wig extensions, the synthetic fiber can be applied straight out of the box without any styling. Synthetic fiber can withstand heat up to 180F and you're free to curl or straighten the synthetic extensions to match your own hair texture and to achieve a higher-level hair goal.


Moreover, synthetic Hair new hair wig trends Extensions are relatively cheap and ideal for people who have a lower budget but always desire for long hair with large volume.


As synthetic hair has different properties from human hair, the methods and tips for caring synthetic fiber and human hair are slightly different. Please take the following procedures as a reference to make your synthetic hair extensions last as long as possible.


1. Use shampoo especially for synthetic fiber or a mild shampoo to wash your synthetic hair extensions.


If you have trouble with finding a shampoo that specifically formulated for synthetic hair, you could try a mild shampoo which features sulfate-free to cleanse your extensions. Please do not wash the synthetic hair too often. Only wash it when it is visibly dirty.


2. Use cold or warm water.


Soak the synthetic extensions in cool/warm water for 3-5 minutes and carefully wash the hair with mild/synthetic hair shampoo by hands. Do not rub or twist the hair.


3. Detangling conditioner is highly recommended.


We recommend you to apply detangling conditioner to the synthetic fiber and prevent hair from tangling during the cleaning process. Remember to rinse the conditioner completely and put the towel on the hair to gently absorb the excess water.

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