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What can I do with my hair to look younger?

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One simple way to look younger is to start with your hair! Certain hairstyles will take years off you, whereas others may be more ageing. If you want hair that makes you look youthful and enhances your beauty, then here are some tips brought to you by our very own stylist.


Short hair can give you a natural face lift. There is a reason for getting your burgundy human hair wig cut short as you get older. Think of it this way, if you have long hair then your eyes are naturally drawn down the face making it appear older.


If you have a short bob, then it draws your eyes up and it lifts your attention higher up making you look younger. In this case, the shorter the better!


You can get one of our popular bob cheap human hair lace front wigs called Pandora here, we also sell many bobs in our LaVivid collection, or you can take any of our color lace front wigs to a stylist to be cut shorter to your perfect bob style.


A trick here is to use highlights and babylights to add dimension and reflect light. Stay away from one harsh solid hair color. Go for subtle highlights on top and around your face. Warmer tones are best, such as caramel for brunettes, golden for blondes, or copper for redheads.


We provide many human hair and high quality synthetic wigs with highlights, so check out our human hair and LaVivid collection for more.


Opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners. More volume gives the illusion of thicker and healthier hair. You can also get bouncy hair by blow drying your hair upside-down. Alternatively, you could choose a wig with a higher density or a hair topper for easy volumized hair with no effort at all!


Adding soft and bouncy curls to your hair, wig or topper will make your hair look fuller and thicker. Soft curls are very flattering and will soften your look instantly. Curls can make light or thin hair look full and bouncy. For minimal effort, look at our wigs or toppers that come with permanent curls that last even through washes, so you don't have to spend time curling your hair every day!


Your complexion and skin pigmentation changes as you get older, meaning a different hair color may now be more complimentary to you than the shade you were born with. Warmer colors are better than cooler ones, as the warmer tones will bring warmth and light to your face, whereas cooler or ashier colors can make you look washed out.


What's more, any harsh or bold colors, bright reds or burgundies, or going too dark can all make you look older then you are. It is best to go a few shades lighter than your natural color. Adding some dimension to your hair in the form of highlights or babylights is also a subtle way to make your hair pop.


Shiny and healthy-looking hair will forever make you look youthful! If your hair looks dry and brittle, then it is a sure way to make you look older then you are. You don't need to spend a ton of money to get shiny hair, just make sure that you deep condition your hair once a week with a hair oil or a good conditioner for as long as you can.


Another tip is to apply moisture products to your hair or wig after styling, such as a serum or leave-in conditioner, to keep your hair really moisturised and you guessed it - shiny


If you want to look younger, a ponytail will take the hair off your face and lift your face. Just make sure that the ponytail is not scraped right back, and you leave some face framing pieces around your face.


You can also try switching up your hairstyle to have bangs. Bangs are a godsend for looking younger, as they hide forehead wrinkles and they make your face look rounder and fuller. If you don't think you suit bangs, you can try a side swept bang or play around with your front hair to soften your face.

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