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How do you color synthetic hair?

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Synthetics come in a wide range of qualities. and it has specific properties with each quality of synthetic. Our customer service representatives usually say that synthetic wigs can't be dyed, butactually it can be dyed from industrial perspectives,that is, synthetic 40 inch straight wig is not suggested to be colored by untrained customers themselves , especially in unprofessional manual ways.


More generally, synthetics are made of plastic fibers, called polypropylene. There are currently four types of synthetic blond lace front wigs material on the market. The first would be a polypropylene. The second is Toyokalon. The third is Kanekalon, and the fourth is Shapeshifter Monofiber.


Polypropylene fiber is going to splatter when you apply heat to it. Toyokalon is often used in synthetic weaving cheap headband wigs which is hair sewnon a weft. So it is going to have that retention over time.


Kanekalon is going to melt onto itself so that it can actually be rolled into a heat seal. Shapeshifter also works very well with heat, but it works at a higher degree of heat.


If you know a little bit about chemicals , it's all about the made of macromolecular. Unlike the human hair, which contains protein and can be dyed easily , the synthetic must use different coloring cream.


According to our survey, there's no a professional coloring cream that customers can purchase from the market for those synthetic wigs. It can't be worked if customers try to use the normal tints to color the synthetic wigs. However, for manufacturers, they know the structure and know how to color this material.


Most people are not professional.Once you fail, your wigs are permanently ruined and can't be used anymore. Although color-preserving products have existed for decades, they just got a major upgrade from just preserving to full-pledging brightening, which cannot solve the real problem.


It seems like the influx of synthetic wigs could be seen everywhere. Instead of coloring your wigs by yourself, using ready-made wigs is an easy way to give you a bit of sparkle with ease. The colorful trendy wigs are very beautiful and fashionable.


With all of the synthetic alternatives that are on the market, hopefully this will help you determine which one is right for you. Balance with your time and money, getting a synthetic wig from store will be economical.

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