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How do you wash a synthetic wig without a wig shampoo?

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Wigs like our clothes and body wear accessories should be subjected to a wash and dry clean from time to time. However how frequently one should wash their wig is completely subject to how often they use the cheap frontal wigs for use.


613 human hair wig that is worn more often than not suffers more pollution from dirt and dust and should be cleaned and dried more often than one which is kept aside for chance occasion. Moreover the conditions under which the wig is exposed to while wear also play an important role in determining how frequently it requires be cleaning and washing as well.


Usually hd lace front wigs recommended to be put for cleaning after every four wears but on a physical timeline context that translates to once in four to six weeks. If one uses a wig made from human hair, the need for cleaning and rinsing is all the more as human hair is more prone to and susceptible to damage from neglect and lack of care and attention than synthetic wigs.


Celebrities and film stars that require to be exposed to extreme conditions of smoke, fog, chemicals and perfume prefer wigs made from human hair and hence they need serious after care and maintenance to keep them in shape and shine. Below mentioned are some heady tips for after care and maintenance of synthetic wigs including their washing and cleaning.


A wig brush is the first and foremost essential cleaning item required for preliminary cleaning and brushing of any wig. The next essential requirement for cleaning a wig is an exclusive wig shampoo and conditioner.


A wig shampoo and specially formulated wig conditioner are effective in renewing the strength of the wig fibres and help them retain their texture without compromising on the strength of the synthetic fibres.


A wig can be considered ready for a wash and cleaning once it loses its shine and starts looking dull and lifeless. A wig that has been exposed to excessive artificial environment or is beginning to get entangled or messy requires a cleaning straight away.


1.Once clear and reasonably clean and clear of dust and dirt particles or any such pollutants, the wig is gently rinsed in a solution of wig shampoo in cold water and allowed to soak for a while.


2.After a while of soaking the wig is lifted to inspect it for any stubborn stains or dust particles that are still clinging on to it. In the event there are remnants of stains or unwanted particles still hanging onto the wig, they need to be manually brushed off the wig with a wig brush.


3.The recently cleaned wig is then rinsed again in cool water till it is completely clear and clean to one's satisfaction.


4.Proceed to condition your wig after finishing with washing the wig. Conditioner usage revitalizes the wig and replenishes it with much needed vigour and shine, thereby retaining the original style and shape of the wig. Immerse the wig in a solution of conditioner in cold water and keep it rinsed for a while.


5. Once the conditioning process is completed to one's satisfaction, the wig is then dried. The weight of water remaining in the strands of the wig can damage it beyond repair and enlarge its shape.

 Hence the wig needs to be hand dried with a towel gently soaking out any trace of water till the hair extensions are absolutely dry. 

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