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wearing a wig cap is a personal choice for many people, it is very important. People tend to wear wig caps for different reasons, including providing an extra layer and heat on the scalp, especially during the hot season. Whichever your reasons for wearing a 613 pre plucked frontal wig cap, you need to put it on properly.

That’s because it adds friction that your 40 inch wigs needs to stay in place. This makes a wig cap a necessity for people with complete hair loss. If you have a sensitive scalp, putting on a wig cap before you wear your hd human hair lace wigs can provide you with great comfort and a shield for your scalp. A wig cap can help reduce itchiness, thus protecting your natural hair.


A wig can easily come off, especially on windy days. But if you want to secure the wig, you need to wear a wig cap. A wig will prevent you from worrying about the wig falling off unexpectedly. That’s because you can wash the wig cap every day with your laundry and wear a fresh one every day. And it can also protect your hair from infections brought by wearing a dirty wig cap.


This is great because you won’t have to worry about flyaway hair. This can help you rock your wig with a lot of confidence. Whenever you are wearing a wig, you want to ensure that it looks as natural as possible. A wig cap can help you achieve that.


That’s because it will make your natural hair look as flat as possible without any unwanted bumps that are caused by natural hair underneath a wig. This allows the wig to sit much better on your head and produce not just a lovely look but also a more natural look that you are yearning for.


Here are tips that can help you choose the right wig cap for you.


It is the heaviest of the wig caps, but very robust. It has a closed flower net lace top. They are generally made from a cotton-based material, and the hair is sewn into the cap by a machine.


This type of wig cap is the coolest one because of the spaces in between the wefts that allow air to flow directly to your scalp. So if you are worried about overheating, this is the perfect wig cap for you.


Since the cap shows through the cap, you will enjoy a more natural look compared to the standard cap. It also offers a natural-looking scalp. Its main downside is that it is very expensive.


That’s because each strand of hair or synthetic fiber is sewn separately onto a mesh cap using a hand-knotting method. A 100% hand-tied cap is the best in the market. It is comfortable to the scalp, looks more natural, and the material is also flexible and soft.


The next important thing you need to pay attention to is its texture. Generally, people react differently to different materials. If you are sensitive to nylon or silk clothing, you shouldn’t wear it on your head either. But if you don’t react to these materials, you can go ahead and use them because nylon wig caps can help your wig stay in place and not slide off. Either way, you need to for a wig cap that you are comfortable in and offers a bit of ventilation.


The rule of thumb is that you need to choose a wig cap that is the same color as your wig. This can make your wig look more natural and flawless. So, let’s say you have a blonde wig, you need to choose a beige tone wig cap. On the other hand, a darker wig cap will suit your brunette wig.


Finally, here is the part you have been waiting for - how you can put on a wig cap. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you put on a wig cap.


Apply a palm-sized amount of hair gel through your hair, and use your hands to make the gel penetrate deeper into your hair. Gently comb your hair to get rid of knots and tangles.


To do that, part your hair in even rows starting from the front of your head to the back. Then braid down each row, as you ensure that the braid attaches to the scalp. You can then use small rubber bands to hold the braids in place.


So you can opt for a bun, especially if you have fine hair or shorter hair. Otherwise, the bun will stick out too much. Take all your hair and pull them back in a low, tight bun and secure it at the base of your head using pins. You can also make two smaller buns to make them lay flatter.


So if you want to prevent itchiness and irritation, you need to spray the scalp protector all over your head and let it dry before you actually put on your wig cap.


Ensure that it aligns with your natural hairline on the front of your head. This will ensure that all of your natural hair is completely covered by the cap and the wig. The cap’s edge should be in front or behind your hairline.


Once the wig cap is properly lined up in the front, stretch it snugly over your hair. Keep on pulling it down until its bottom hits where the base of your head and the top of your neck meet.

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