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Can I bring a wig in my carry on?

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Don’t know how to maintain them in the process of traveling or what products and tools you should take. Now in order to help you have an enjoyable trip, you can read the following tips about how to travel with your wigs.

Many people often ask a question: “How do I pack a 613 blonde wig for traveling?”. If you have enough space, you can place your wig on a wig stand or styling head and put it in your suitcase, which will help your wig to keep its shape and style.

Or in order to keep your lace blonde lace front wigs human hair safe during your trip, you can also brush your hair to remove any knots or tangles, then wrap a large hair net over the entire wig to keep everything in place. At the same time, keep a little air in the bag and then seal it shut to keep your 613 hair color from getting squished and avoid moisture.


Except for storing your lace frontal wig in a silk bag, please make sure to bring some necessary hair products and some styling tools to care for and style your natural hair underneath the wig cap.


When you travel with the wig, a compact portable wig stand for travel will be an extremely useful accessory. Naturally, it is also very helpful for you to style your wigs. On the other hand, the travel wig stand is portable so that it won’t take up of room in your suitcase.


It is a great idea to use the hotel ice bucket or a lampshade to prop up your wig. Of course, just be sure not to turn on the lamp!


For wig brush, you can take a small rat-tail comb to comb out any tangles or part of your hair in a middle part or a side part. Your human hair wigs might become wet or dirty during your trip. Therefore, it would be better to take some shampoo and conditioner to clean them.


After all, natural hair products leave behind many significant build-ups, and you can’t vigorously rinse out that build-up if you’re wearing a wig. Besides, if you wash your wig with natural hair products too many times, you will run the risk of creating dreads or damaging the fibers of your wig.


Through doing, it can help you protect and retain the moisture of your hair when you sleep on a plane or sleep at night. In addition, you can put it on in case of windy days or if you are doing any sporting activities, which will prove extremely useful.


As a great tool that is used to pack your wig for traveling, a hairnet can help your wig maintain its shape in a carrying case or while you’re wearing it on a long flight. hairnets are easy to rip or break, so it would be better to pack a couple of extras.


These heat tools will help you easily style your wigs before you go out with them for that fancy evening dinner, thus making you stand out from the crowd.


Some Tips You Need to Notice When You Travel With Wigs

  1. For hair products, you can take them on the airplane. But there are a few stipulations you need to know.Whether you plan to buy the travel size or save a few coins and place what you already have in a reusable travel-size container, each container must be 3.4 ounces or less stored in a 1-quart size bag, and 1 zip-top bag is allowed per person.


  1. Hair accessories, such as bobby pins, metal clips, ties, wraps, and even bows may cause an alarm. Of course, it may also include clip-on extensions, wigs, toppers, and certain hairstyles such as braids or a high bun.You can always style your hair according to your preference after you’ve gone through screening and right before you board your flight.

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