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Even many celebrities put on it to get a uniquely sexy look. Today we will provide you with this ultimate guide to raise awareness of the rising star in the hair extensions world, especially for those who are fond of beautiful and vibrant curls.


First of all, funmi hair is pioneered by a creative stylist who has long years of experience in hairstyling. Later the woman promoted funmi transparent wigs to the high-end hair market and get much high praise.


Compared to loose wave 5*5 closure wig and body wave hair, the funmi curls are a little bit smaller but bigger than jerry curls or kinky curls. As you can see in the photo, funmi hair extensions have special curls that start from the middle shaft of the strands.


Only when you go to a store that specializes in human deep wave human hair wigs products, the funmi hair may be human hair. In addition, funmi has a strict quality control inspection process. Just when the store or supplier passed the inspection, they will be certified for use.


More importantly, we have a 30-day free return guarantee. Once you have any problem, welcome to contact our customer service staff who will respond as soon as possible.


The Features Of Funmi Hair

Funmi hair is unique, durable, and always focuses on giving African women a natural but elegant and outstanding appearance. Funmi hair is full, bouncy, soft, and comfortable. Funmi hair is 100% human virgin hair with any chemical, no shedding, no tangling, no blends, no split ends, and even smell-free. Funmi hair can take the color and hold curls well.


How To Care For Funmi Hair

As we all know, curly hair is usually more sensitive than other hair types. Therefore, you had better carefully look through the following tips about how to maintain funmi curly hair for a longer life span.


1. To protect funmi hair from damage and comb your hair efficiently, we strongly advise that you always use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to comb curly hair. After all, using a wide-toothed comb is the gentlest way to comb your curls without disrupting the naturally curly texture like a brush does.


2.That is because too much washing can make it fussy, especially in wet weather. For funmi curly hair, it is perfect to wash every three to seven days or even longer time with detangling shampoo and conditioner but every day.


3.It is better to apply some conditioner to curly hair between washings to add moisture in order to keep funmi curls healthy and shiny.


4. In order to keep hair from damage by the sun, salt water and chlorine, it is the best way to soak your curls with water and then apply some coconut oil to your curly hair or wear a hat before going out the door.


5. When you sleep at night, you had better tie your funmi hair bundles into a high bun or sleep on a silk pillowcase, which can help you keep hair in place, thus reducing frizz and dryness.


How Much Is Funmi Hair?

For example, one piece of funmi hair weave with 14 inch is about $108, 2 pieces of funmi hair weave with 14 inch is about $216. While one piece of hair bundles includes six wefts, which can make a full head. If you want thicker hair, you can opt for two hair weaves. Comparing with other suppliers, our price is reasonable and affordable for most customers.


What Type Of Hair Is Funmi Hair?

We all know funmi human hair owns particular curls starting from the middle shaft. While you can see all kinds of funmi hair, such as Indian funmi hair weaves, Brazilian funmi hair bundles, and so on. So when you purchase, you can ask for detailed information.


In a word, if you want to gain an attractive style by wearing funmi hair weaves, just contact us to get more about funmi curly hair bundles.

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