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Still another alleged victim explained when she needed to sit next to Jean-Bart

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In the last report by FIFA Mobile Coins the investigatory room, the panel discovered statements from two alleged victims of Jean-Bart, among whom comprehensive her adventures after being chosen to play for Haiti Under-17s. "President Yves Jean-Bart telephoned me on the telephone to request me to come and see him," she explained. "When he came he gave me a bunch of panties. He advised me to stay with him and suddenly pulled me towards him. And he pushed him and he fell on his bed. And back at the middle, it was like I exist in the opinion of everyone."

Still another alleged victim explained when she needed to sit next to Jean-Bart at the rear of a car. "Through the excursion, Mr Jean-Bart maintained touching me," she explained. "And I pushed away him to leave me alone. Even the Fifpro report alleged there was"sufficient evidence" to suggest the centre"was being used as enticement for minor soccer players coming from poor backgrounds that were dressed and jeopardized into sexual abuse".Fifa's three-person panel was of the opinion that the allegations of sexual abuse"seem to be of a more cooperate/cartel organisation".

Jean-Bart has always protested his innocence and final month reiterated in a Daily Mail meeting his strategy to take his case into the court of arbitration for sport.

"In short, the panel considers that the last report prepared by the investigatory room relies on strong evidence, accumulated by different sources... also as reputed press outlets [such] as the Guardian and the New York Times. In the view of the board, after analyzing such evidence, as well as the situation expressed by Mr Jean-Bart, it's highly implausible, and even impossible, that such a diverse group of entities and individuals, from all over the world, may be involved, let alone layout, an extremely complex and detailed storyline, by supplying comprehensive, congruent and consistent testimony, in various levels cheap FUT Coins and times during the investigation performed by the Fifa ethics committee"


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