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Natural hair wigs are created from harvested human hair, so they look, feel and act just like your own hair. So that you can make hairstyle with your spirits. If you want to change hairstyles often, you must choose the high-quality human hair wigs.


1. Crown Braid

This crown braid is a creative hairstyle for most people. You can make a hair crown directly on your head. Be the queen to yourself and rock the house.


Hair wig recommendation: Straight Hair Wigs

Which kind of hair wigs is suitable for making crown braid? I will recommend the classic straight hair wigs. As straight hair wigs are easy to restyle and maintain, which are suitable for most people.

 Do The Hairstyles On Your Real Hair Wigs

2. Hair Bun

Most time people will choose to pull back into a bun. Sometimes they also will tie severely in a bun with loose tendrils of hair pulled out to frame the face. If you like, you can add a colorful headband to decorate the whole style. This hair bun style is suitable for many different occasions, like retro parties, evening events, sports meets, etc.


Hair wig recommendation: Headband Wigs

Based on the above information, I will recommend you the headband wigs. So you can both get headbands and a wig. Headband wig human hair doesn’t have lace, the installation is easy and convenient. Besides, the price of a headband wig is also more affordable and competitive than other common lace wigs. If you are new to the wig area, this wig is a good choice for you.


3. Sleek Ponytail

Another popular yet simple hairstyle to give you that chic look for the New Year’s party is the Sleek ponytail, which can be done in just a few minutes. This tight and clean ponytail hairstyle shows the strong power of women, so many superstars walked the red carpet with this special hairstyle. Like Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, etc.


Hair wig recommendation: Loose Deep Wave Wigs Lace Front

One of our good friends - Youtuber Filthy Rich Tresses has got a loose deep wave wig in our store, and nicely did the above video. You can see how magical she did this sleek ponytail with a loose deep wave wig. You can completely follow her steps to do it yourself at home.


4. Pigtail

In the 90s, Britney Spears showed up with two pigtails in her music video “Baby One More Time”. This started the decade's “pigtail craze”. This hairstyle also become one of the most popular hairstyles for the first time.


Recently, this pigtail hairstyle comes back into fashion. In the Suicide Squad movie, the pigtail-swinging Harley Quinn steals all the thunder.

 Do The Hairstyles On Your Real Hair Wigs

Hair wig recommendation: 613 Blonde Ombre Wigs

The 613 lace front wig is always one of the most popular hair colors in the wig market. Because every girl can be a sweet barbie after wearing it. The long hair combs two pigtails on the pate and clips a bright flickering heart-type diamond, the entire individual seems to be sarcastic and lovely.


Buy wonderful hair wigs, just come to West Kiss Hair. We have the advantage not only of many years of work experience but also of mature technical supports. It is absolutely the right choice if you choose us to be your supplier.


How often do you switch your hair look? Regarding styling, human hair wigs behave like natural hair. On Monday you can create crown braid, on Tuesday a hair bun look, and on Wednesday sleek ponytail. Read this article and find out the most favorite hairstyles and make it when you have a need.

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