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Found 5 results

  1. What are the different types of PU WThere are two layers of the closure. The first layer is made by polyurethane, each PU hole is fused with human hair together. The second layer is a light fake skin base which is soft, comfortable, and can be a perfect match for your scalp. Complete detailed internal structure please kindly check the below picture for reference. As PU wigs don’t have lace closure or lace frontal, the knots of PU wigs are invisible, and it is no need to bleach anymore. It really saves time for people on installation. Each supernova hair store in each PU hole mimics the natural hair growth, which can help your wigs be more like your real human scalp. Every PU wig we all did pre-plucked with baby hair around the forehead before selling out, in order to help our customers’ hairstyles be more natural and real after wearing it. PU silk wigs also support various hairstyles, other colors or textures also can customize as your request, welcome to contact us if you need it. But the price of PU silk top wigs is more competitive than silk base wigs, as it only has a little extra lace on the forehead. In some ways, it can be the replacement of silk base wigs. Affordable prices and easy to wear make it be a great choice for all beginners. PU wigs only have a little extra lace on the forehead, so the installation will be easier than normal lace wigs. Normally it only needs 3 steps to put on a PU top wig: Firstly, you need to process your own burgandy wigs and make it be flat on your scalp. The more flat you do, the more real the whole hairstyle will be after installing it. Secondly, you can put on the PU wigs directly. As the PU wigs only have one middle capsize, and we all put an adjustable strap on each PU top wig, you can use it to adjust the size until the wigs fit your scalp well. After finding the right position, you can please use the combs which are at both sides of PU wigs to secure it. Finally, you only need to cut the extra lace on the forehead, and all the works are done. The closures of PU silk wigs are not wide, only 2 inches long, no need to use glue. All these features are friendly to beginners to handle it and convenient to wear and remove. This year is the third year of Yolissa Hair and also another year of growth together with all our customers. We couldn’t be there without all of your loving support. We decided to thanks all of you for providing big sales.
  2. Wearing different colored or different hairstyles of lace wigs could bring you a brand-new mood or better your life. But the problem is that there are a tremendous amount of colors on the internet. People may meet some hardships while shopping online, then we will do some simple introductions of 5 popular colors below on our website for your reference. The color colored lace front wigs human hair are bright and shining. It is like a fantasy while you standing under the sunshine with 613 blonde lace wigs on your head. Wearing it helps you to become the focus of people, and have some beautiful fashionable! On the other hand, many buyers would like to do their own magical on 613 blonde lace wigs. You can turn it into other different colors by using your imagination. Everyone could be an artist to draw their painting. As all of us are artists in the world, we can design our colorful lives. As all of us are artists in the world, we can design our colorful lives. If you decided to recolor it, we suggest you could go to salon find some professional hairstylists to help. Also after recoloring, you need to pay more attention to care it. Good care will help you to care the hair well. Colour 27 hair transparent lace wigs are more like a golden color which could make people look more sexy and bright. 27color lace front wig is also one of the most popular blonde colors on our website. You will find that we do not just offer colors but also styles while you are surfing in the store. All styles of human hair lace wigs are available for you, like water wave, straight, curly, and body wave. When it is adhered properly to your skin, it gives an invisible hairline, as though the hair is growing out of your scalp. French lace is slightly thicker and more durable. Usually Swiss lace is used at the front hairline and crown of the lace wigs, and French lace is used for the rest of the lace wigs. This helps increase durability. burgundy wigs human hair is like a mix of red and purple, which can make people look more mature and attractive. If you want to get some different color of human hair lace wigs but don’t want it too eye-catching, burgundy would be your great choice. After all, pure color is a little boring sometimes, you could add one or two colors that you like on your lace wigs at that time to make it more interesting and lively. These ombre wigs are just in our store. We have a wide selection of colors, like burgundy, red, blue, pink, and grey. Come to click and choose! As shown in the following figure, highlight human hair lace wigs not only just have one hairstyle, we have water wave, straight and body wave. All kinds of hairstyles can help you fulfill whole body style to all occasions.
  3. The two kinds of lace with higher quality are transparent lace and HD lace. This article will introduce the difference between the two high quality lace wigs. By contrary, transparent lace even is harder than HD lace, not easy to tear to a hole and can use for longer time. One more important, the price of transparent lace wig is the same as normal lace wig, but HD lace wig is about $40 more expensive than normal burgundy wig. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable. Again, the transparent colored lace front wigs are also great, everything is great about this wig, it’s just not as thin as the HD lace wig. And Transparent lace wig even can be the substitute of HD lace wig with lower price and longer using time. They are using the color on the lace or whatever it is spray the lace are kind of the same color as your skin tone. That’s what you probably want to with the transparent lace just to match it up with your skin tone. This ensures that the transparent lace wig can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable. It is so soft, thin, light. And it is rare in whole market. If you get on the human hair lace wigs website and you can see the price for HD lace wig and you will know why it is expensive. If you’re one who likes the highest quality of anything then I will recommend the HD lace wig that blends right with your skin. If you are not looking for a price and you are not looking for the best deal you just want the best wig then you would want the ones that have the HD lace. If you don’t care about the lace and you just want a quality lace wig unit, great hair, a decent lace, that still gonna blend in with the skin, then you will get the transparent lace wig. We often recommend the transparent lace to women with light skin tones, but recently we found that the transparent color lace can melt into any skin tone after bleaching the hair knots and gluing down the hairline. Of course, you can avoid the latter by choosing the HD Lace. I just want to show you guys the difference between the transparent lace wig and HD lace wig, so that when purchasing your human hair wigs you will know the heck you are buying. Now, you can just pick what you like based on what lace you like on Yolissa Hair Store. Apply hair conditioner but please remember not to add conditioner on the root of the wig. Leave it for 3-4 minutes, then continue rinsing with water. Pat dry the wig with a clean towel. Lastly, put your wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry.
  4. Brazilian Hair Extension are a woman’s perfect partner. Extensions are great when you are looking to add volume or change up your hairstyle. To keep them for an extended period of time, you need to take care of them like your natural hair. Do not wear your Brazilian Hair extensions without wearing a satin or silk scarf when sleeping or going to the gym. Covering your novahair when you go to bed or engaging intense exercise helps to maintain moisture and reduces tangles. Just like your Brazilian Human Hair Weave, your extensions do not need to be washed daily. However, it is essential to keep your hair moisturized. Shampooing and co-washing your colored human hair wigs twice a week will suffice. Unless you are experienced using color, it is recommended to consult with your professional hairstylist when bleaching or coloring your 27 hair color. Bleach and dyes are taxing on natural hair, so you want to minimize how often you apply chemicals. Always remember to brush or comb your hair extensions before and after. A wide tooth comb and paddle brush are the best tools to use with your hair extensions. Keep the hair extensions in a box, satin bag, or hang them prior to wearing them and after they have been removed Always remember to store your hair extensions away after you have removed them. Trouser hangers are an excellent way to store them in addition to using a satin bag. Whether it is your natural hair or extensions, it is always preferred not to use heating devices like a curling or flat iron because they take away moisture from and causes breakage. If your style requires a little heat, make sure to use a heat protectant. Your human hair extensions need trimming, just like your natural hair. Trimming prevents split ends and keeps your extensions looking refreshed. It's therefore vitally important to maintain and treat your natural hair extensions with the appropriate maintenance products that will restore/maintain their natural softness, and silk and keep them tangle-free. Gently, shampoo the hair in a downward motion, working shampoo from the top down. This rubbing action and the resultant friction will loosen dirt, product residue, and dandruff which can then be rinsed away. Thoroughly rinse your scalp afterward, still massaging with your fingertips as you do so. Use a clean towel to pat your hair dry after you wash it. Afterward, you should let the rest of your hair dry naturally. If you need to use a hairdryer, use a medium setting to minimize heat exposure.
  5. For ladies who want to wear good-looking wigs to play, today’s article will recommend several good-looking wigs for you. 1. Short Bob Wigs To begin, I will introduce a hot-selling hair wig with short hair length - short bob wig. This short-length hair wig is different from other long-length hair wigs. It also has a different feeling from long hairstyles. Below are some differences and advantages of cheap bob wigs for your references: 1)Clean And Chic Look Bob hair wigs have different angles where the hair has sheared that offer that can offer different looks. So most girls begin to get a bob wig to be in style. For those who choose longer hair, a structured bob with flip-out ends in particular. 2)East To Maintain Compare to long hair wigs, short bob wigs are easier and more convenient to maintain. Because of the short hair lengths, cheap bob wigs are not easy to get tangled and knots. 3)More Affordable Price The hair length of a hair wig is a major factor in wigs’ prices. The prices of short hair wigs are more affordable and more competitive than long hair wigs. After all, price is one of many crucial factors to consider when people are purchasing orders online. 2. Water Wave Wigs Why this hair texture is named water wave? Because the shape of the curls is just like its name, the wave is like the water ripples. The hair movement and the feel of water wave wigs are beyond words. Spring needs these active and lively hairstyles. 3. 613 Blonde Wigs Spring is a vibrant season, lived in front of everything, everything in the world is full of new hope, coruscate gives the infinite vitality. We need some active hair colors in spring. Bright-colored wigs always match with spring. 613 blonde wigs will give a splash of color throughout the spring. Come and choose a 613 blonde lace front wig to make a difference. 4. HD Lace Wigs The main characteristic of an HD lace wig is its HD lace. HD lace is different from common Swiss, it is an upgraded version. HD lace wigs with thin, light and high definition lace can make the hairline more invisible. Compared to other common lace wigs, HD frontal wig can match all skins without using lace tinting. People can have a more real and natural wig look easily. West Kiss Hair also has lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, full lace wigs, headband wigs(https://m.westkiss.com/headband-wigs.html), U part wigs and other wigs for you to choose from. Choose if you like!
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