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Found 1 result

  1. In the winter, dry weather can be damaging to your wig. Dry weather can strip the moisture out of your wig, which could make the human hair on the wig more brittle and prone to breaking. Your wig may also start to look frizzy. Care Tips 1 First of all, we have to do it for moisturizing, and choose toiletries with nourishing and moisturizing effects. In addition, those hair care products with moisturizing effects are naturally indispensable, such as hair masks and gels. You will find that moisturized hair is easy to take care of a lot of. You can choose some moisturizing and smoothing sprays to moisturize rough hair. You could carry a moisturizing and smoothing spray in your bag to add moisture to your hair at any time. Dry hair in winter also can be solved by applying SPA to the hair yourself. Mix coconut oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil and knead it into the hair, then braid the hair and wash it twice with shampoo after 10 minutes to remove the surface. oil. Choose hair products with moisturizing effects. Saturate the cortex of the hair with moisture to keep it moisturized and shiny. Care Tips 2 The dry season often makes the hair insufficiently moisturized. The product of the encounter between dry air and dry hair is static electricity. Therefore, the hair is most likely to have static electricity in autumn and winter, so that the hair is knotted, fluffy and messy, and difficult to comb. As long as conditions permit, it is best to pull the tangled hair away with your fingers before combing. Do not comb directly from the root to the tip of the hair when combing, but start about two centimeters from the tip of the hair. After combing all the tangles, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb. But it’s not necessary to comb your hair too hard. On the contrary, it can easily make the hair fall out. Care Tips 3 Wash your real hair before putting on the wig. In general, it is not recommended to wash the wig frequently. It is better to wash it every 7-14 days. Don't wash it when it feels a bit messy. This will damage the material of the wig and cause the hair to break. If you sweat a lot during running and fitness, it is recommended to wash it every two or three days. After washing, it’s best to blow your hair for 6/7 minutes to dry, and let the rest dry naturally. Care Tips 4 The ultraviolet rays in the sun will destroy the melanin in the hair, and the the hair will fade, become yellow, and dull. The strong alkaline perm will also destroy the hair tissue and tendons, causing the hair to change color. Therefore, the key to preventing the yellowing of hair is to avoid excessive sun exposure and over-dyeing your wig. Care Tips 5 There are many kinds of affordable human hair wigs on the market at present. The choice of lace material is also a factor related to the effect of wig wearing, and also affects the user's feeling. We'd better choose to buy real lace front wigs human hair, which have good quality, better-wearing effect, comfortable, good breathability and long-last. West Kiss hair store offer all kinds of HD lace front wigs and blonde lace front wigs, which is one of the most popular human hair wigs on West Hair now, you can try it. In the winter, the low humidity inside and outside already does enough damage to your wig. Don't add on to the damage by blow-drying your wig. You want to minimize the amount of heat you expose your wig to, as heat dries out and damages your wig.
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