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  1. The final goal that women wear wigs is to no matter conceal their own hair flaw, protect their natural hair or just follow hair fashion trend to try different hair styles but in a natural way that others won’t recognize that they are wearing a wig. Otherwise, things come out counterproductive. In the way to achieve a realistic finished look when girls apply wigs, they think out all kinds of ways, like choosing the suitable lace color to match their skin tone, pluck hairline to mimic the natural growth of hair, using foundation to make demarcation less obvious, and bleaching knots which is an important part as black grid on lace will make it look “wiggy”. Yet it is also the most complicated part as the outcome is up to your skills, light or over bleaching will make things unimproved or even worse. Therefore, it’s our factory to turn to consider difficulty or inconvenience of customers and find out to way. How about making a type of wig without knots? In view of this question, finally silk base wig appear to the public. What’s silk base wig? Silk base wig is a new innovation of lace wig, which consists of three layers of lace tactfully hide the knots to make them invisible from the top. The strands of hair are injected between those laces and tied from bottom to top by reverse ventilation, so knots are veiled by lace on top, which offers a realistic human-like scalp look directly. Advantages of silk base wig Beginner friendly. No grid, no bleaching. Knots are hidden and invisible, you do not have to go through sophisticated skill-required bleaching process any more. It rightly benefit for people who has no or less experience of handling bleaching. Even if you are a first-try, no fear for grids shown on the top. No wig cap. As there are three layers of lace, it’s thick enough and unable to be see-through, the scalp color is the skin-like nude color , wig cap could be left aside and one more step of installation could be neglected. Longer lifespan. From the number of lace, it’s nit difficult to understand that, silk base wig is thicker and sturdier than lace wig that only has one layer of lace on the front. Therefore, it’s not prone to be damaged easily, and could be used for a longer time. Less maintenance. For it’s delicate while sturdy, it requires no special treatment to take care of. Naturally you are less bothered regular maintenance as frequent as lace wigs. Silk base wig from Wiggins hair 100% high quality unprocessed virgin hair, shedding & tangle free, can be dyed or bleached to #27, and could be permed or restyled. 13*4 ear- to -ear silk base space allows people to do parting any where with knots invisible. Density available for 130%, 180%, 250% to meet your different requirement for hair volume. Pre-plucked hairline with enough baby hair produce a more natural look. Wanna know more about wiggins silk base wig? Check below link: https://www.wigginshair.com/silk-base-lace-front-wig.html Back to school sale big promotion,all wigs save 5% + Special discount+free gifts ,to get new look with bottom price now!
  2. To achieve a flawless finished wig look, it usually takes a lot of time for wig wearers to do a set of preparatory work before installing a wig like plucking, bleaching and wear wig cap so no,and embellishing work such as apply conceal or foundation after installation,which is not only time-costing but also needs skills. For beginners, it means to much work and requirement for professional technique will be a big challenge for them. So here is fake scalp wig invented benefiting for beginners as well as “lazy girls”. A large amount of work is pre-done and subtly incorporated into this wig by factories to let you do nothing for it while just throw it in and go out. What’s fake scalp wig? Fake scalp wig is a upgrade version of regular lace wig. It’s very similar to lace wigs but yet delivers a more natural looking by creating an illusion that hair just grows out from your own scalp . There is breathable &thin fake scalp material embed underneath the layer of lace on regular lace wigs to place the same function as wig cap, and also mimic the color of human skin. Therefore, it gets rid of the need for a stocking cap or gluing the wig cap down between your lace wig and natural hair. More details of fake scalp wig from wiggins hair 1. Wiggins hair fake scalp wig collection are made from premium human hair. 2. Multiple Fake scalp space available for 4*4, 5*5, 6*6 and 13*4, 13*6 are for your more requirement and selection. 3. Soft and thin swiss lace contributes to a more easy and seamless meltdown. 4. There are three combs and adjustable strap to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. 5. Pre-plucked front part makes your hairline look more realistic and also save your time to pluck again. 6. Pre-bleaching design serves as a core of fake scalp wig, emitting your hassle of appearance of grid on your exposed parting line. Welfare for new wig wearers & “lazy girls” 1. No plucking needed 2. No bleaching needed 3. No wig cap need 4. No foundation needed 5. No fake scalp needed 6. No cornrow needed Fake scalp wig, definitely a beginner friendly wig. If you just start wearing wig, ready to try wig, or struggle wearing lace wigs by sophisticated process. As a perfect replacement for lace wigs, it’s highly recommended as it not only delivers a flawlessly realistic look, but also requires your effortless work. Make your beauty easier, don’t hesitate, check now!
  3. 360 wig is very popular among black women who favor ponytail and updo styles and not unfamiliar with people. Recent year a new word ”370 wig” pop out and catch the attention of the public immediately. Most of them are curious about its name based on the acknowledge of 360 wig and do not know what exactly 370 wig is.Today’s blog will uncover the mysterious veil of it. What’s 370 wig? 370 wig is actually the combination of 360 wig and 13*6 lace frontal wig, which is a upgraded version of both type of wigs. It perfectly joints the advantages of them to fulfil more needs of people on one wig. Same as 360 wig, 370 wig is also composed of a loop of hand-stitched lace with hair knotted to it around the circumstance and a machine-made top with hair extension stitched.The difference of them lies in the measurement of lace. As we all know the lace area for 360 wig is 22.5*4*2 inches. While for the other, instead 4 inches, the lace frontal depth is stretched into 6 inches. It aims at allowing wig wears not only to do freestyle parting as their will , but also expose deep parting as 6 inches. Is 370 wig better than 360 wig? It seems that 370 wig are more versatile than 360 wig. Yet as an old saying goes well,”Every coin has two sides”, so does the larger lace space. The more portion of lace taking up the whole wig means the less space left for machine-made section, which, meanwhile, indicates that fewer bundles could be added to it. Therefore, even if in the same density for same hair textures in same length, 370 wig will not look as full as 360 wig. People who pursue a very full hair effect may prefer to choose the latter one, although the hair amount on 370 wig is enough to create a natural hair volume. Then come to one of topics that all people won’t neglect, the price. As mentioned above, the lace part for 370 wig is larger, so more time of handwork has to be devoted into one wig. No wonder, the cost of it will be a little bit higher than 360 one. In other words, price for 360 is more favorable. Which one to choose? It’s hard to judge which one should be chose, as both of them has its own advantages. We have to know about them clearly before purchase, and weigh our needs and budget, then seek a balance between them. No matter 370 wig or 360 wig, or other type of wigs, all of them are available on Wiggins hair website. August crazy sale started, never miss the chance! Know more details, check :https://www.wigginshair.com/
  4. NO LACE for summer? And a real human hair wig? We hear you! U part wig comes out,which is made of 100% human hair, gives us most natural and comfortable feeling! As well,we have few color options available! The following is more details! Stay watch! U Part Wig is wig sewn on a u part cap with clips and adjustable straps on the back. A U-part wig allows you to blend your own hair through a specific u-shaped opening at the top of the wig; thus this opening gives you the chance to blend your own part exposing the scalp for a better natural looking hairline. Size: 2’’x4’’ lace part Type: regular wig and bob wig Texture: straight hair,body wave,loose deep wave, deep wave,natural wave,curly wave,kinky curly wave Color:#1B/99J,#1B/613,#1B/4,#1B/27 Parting:left,right,middle Uses: 1. Prevent hair loss 2. Not affect hair growth 3. Flexible hair placing and hairstyles 4. Secure and fixed 5. Fuller and natural hair look 6. Comfortable using experience 7. Easy to install and take off 8. Adordable price The above is all about wiggins hair upart wigs updates!Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now.More details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want! Instagram:wiggins__hair What’s number:+8617703997280 Email: tg@wigginshair.com
  5. Now in the market, there are two main types of human hair wigs: hand-tied wigs and machine made wigs.Lace wigs with hairpieces being crocheted or knotted onto lace by hand is well known as one of most representative hand-tied wigs. Human hair lace wigs are very popular for they are realistic and comfortable, lightweight. But for people who reach for human hair wigs while has limited budget, the price is still a little high. I have to say human hair machine made wigs could be a perfect replacement. They cost less as they are available for mass-production during short period of time. Know more details for machine made wigs,please go forward. what's machine made wigs? Machine made wigs, as its name,are a type of wig made completely by machine and generally low-cost as they are mass-produced. It is constructed by breathable net wig cap with hair bundles are sewn into a fixed weft. Clips and elastic strap help to secure the wig on head, no glue is needed when wig is applied. Compared with lace wigs, they always create an appearance of additional volume to the hair. They could also available for various hair textures and colorways . Moreover, machine made wigs could be identical but lace wigs are determined by the skill of craftsman. The reason why you choose machine made wigs .More hair volume .Inexpensive, and very affordable .Convenient to wear or take off .No glue needed .less process time than hand made wig .Protective for your own hairline Features of machine made wig from wiggins hair Hair source: 8A grade unprocessed 100% human hair. Hair textures:Straight, Body Wave, Loose Deep Wave, Deep Wave, Natural Wave And Curly Hair color: Black, #99j, #27,#4, pink Hair length:10-40 inches in stock Hair quality: Can be Restyled, Tangle Free, Shedding Free Process time: Need 3-5 Working Days To Be Customized, Will Be Shipped Out Once Finished. Delivery time: Normal by FEDEX, 2-5 Working Days Arrive After Shipping For the incoming back to school days, almost every girl wants to be the most stunning or eye-catching one in the crowd. Wiggins hair know your girls wishes, so we launch big promotion to better support your beauty plan. Pay one get 5 machine made short bob wigs with bangs in different colorways, from Monday to Friday, show others your fresh face easily everyday ! 8.28 crazy sales: $$% off +extra 6% off+valued$20 gifts. Don’t miss, check now:https://www.wigginshair.com/pay-1-get-5-wigs-machine-made-wigs-straight-bob-wigs-with-bangs-in-different-color.html
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