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  2. Привет. Подскажите где оптом можно купить ткани для спецодежды ?
  3. Я в свою очередь могу вам посоветовать посмотреть на подарки вот здесь https://uamade.ua/podarki/na-prazdnik/den-vlyublennyh/ Главное выбрать подарок такой которий понравиться.
  4. Если не знаете, где можно поиграть в онлайн казино или в игровые автоматы, то я могу вам порекомендовать casino-pm-win.org потому как на нем нем вы можете играть в разные слоты, казино.
  5. Знаю, в стоматологической клинике Киадент https://kiadent.com.ua/ работают хорошие специалисты и у них современное оборудование. Записаться к ним можете в онлайн режиме.
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  7. Я недавно нашел сайт, на котором можно смотреть НХЛ онлайн. Телевизора у меня нет, поэтому смотреть могу только с компьютера. Вот здесь https://22score22.com/hockey/nhl я смотрю хоккейные игры НХЛ без рекламы. А еще на этом сайте удобно смотреть расписание игр. Забыть и пропустить игру просто невозможно. Рекомендую.
  8. Всем привет. Товарищи, а где можно посмотреть бесплатно и в хорошем качестве прямые трансляции хоккея НХЛ? Сам найти не могу - не умею. Надеюсь, что вы мне сможете помочь. Заранее спасибо.
  9. С некоторых пор я стала большой поклонницей китайского чая. Однажды я попробовала Пуэр. Прежде всего поразил божественный аромат и яркий вкус, ничего подобного мне раньше не встречалось. Какое-то время я просто сидела и вдыхала нежный и тонкий цветочно-фруктовый аромат https://dao.ua/ .
  10. Ветеринарное управление г.Краснодара под Новый год ввело в эксплуатацию передвижной ветеринарный кабинет. Ролик на Youtube ТОРЖЕСТВЕННОЕ ОТКРЫТИЕ ПЕРЕДВИЖНОГО ВЕТЕРИНАРНОГО КАБИНЕТА
  11. Тут нужен ветеринар-ортопед собаке avet , только он сможет определить причину. Надо сделать мрт или рентген, в любом случае без помощи ветеринара не обойтись. И советую не затягивать, мало ли какая там причина, лучше все вылечить как можно быстрее.
  12. Wigs can help us have a beautiful appearance, and we can change hairstyles at any time to maintain freshness, especially for those who have thinning hair due to medications, diseases, or congenital causes. They no longer suffer from the troubles caused by hair. Do you know? Human hair lace wigs are the same as our hair and require careful care, which will directly affect the quality and condition of the wig, and indirectly let people know whether we wear a wig. If you want your wig to maintain a natural and healthy appearance and extend the life of your wig, please read the following. We provide you with some tips to keep your wig healthy. 1. Wear fewer wigs. The meaning here is not to prevent you from wearing wigs, but to reduce the wear and tear of your wigs and keep them in good condition. You'd better prepare two or more wigs to replace them. As time goes by, if you often wear a certain wig, the original color will gradually disappear due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays or cold air, and the hair quality will gradually deteriorate, and the overall look and feel will become worse. If you have another wig that can be replaced, then you can give the wig a break, which can be considered as protection for the wig like water wave lace front wigs. 2. Wash your hair regularly, but not too often. Wigs are the same as our human hair. They should be washed regularly to keep them clean, but don’t wash them frequently, because it may cause the wigs to become dry and break and lose their original luster. There should be an interval between the two washing times of the wig. Generally, if you wear the wig every day, it is recommended to wash the wig once a week or two. 3. Care of the wig before washing: Wigs cannot absorb nutrients from the scalp like human hair, so they are relatively dry and tangled together. Therefore, we should use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to comb the wig before cleaning it. It is recommended that you gently unclog the tangles from the end of the hair, and then slowly move upwards until it reaches the root of the hair. This combing will reduce the shedding of the wig and help you to wash your hair smoothly. 4. Wash the wig correctly. 4.1 After soaking the wig, apply a small amount of high-quality shampoo to form a foam, and gently rinse. 4.2 Use clean running water to rinse off the foam on the wig without any residue. 4.3 Use a special conditioner for wigs, apply evenly on the wigs, wait for about 3-5 minutes to rinse. 4.4 Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb the wig to keep the wig smooth. 4.5 Lightly pat dry with a clean towel to absorb some moisture, and place the fake on the shelf to air dry slowly. It is recommended that you do not use a hairdryer to dry it because the overheated temperature will cause certain damage to the newly washed wig and affect the hair quality. 4.6 Give you some notes: 4.6.1 When washing the wig, it is recommended to use warm water to wash off the dust on the wig first, and then use cold water to close the cuticle after it is cleaned. 4.6.2 Avoid trying to rub or twist the wig hard, this will definitely damage the 27 hair. 4.6.3 If you want to keep the wig in good condition and have a long service life, it is recommended that you use high-quality care products specially designed for wigs. The wig itself has already cost you a lot of money, you must cherish it. Not all shampoos and conditioners are the same. Conventional shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals. Long-term use will permanently damage your hair, and wigs will not follow like human hair. Self-healing over time. 4.6.4 Finally, you need to pay attention to avoid applying the conditioner to the hair roots, because the conditioner can loosen the hair roots and cause the wig to fall off. 5. Wig styling. After the wig is dry, you can make the wig you like. In the styling process, you can use a variety of different tools, such as hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and other heating tools, which can melt your wig. But we all know that heating tools can harm our hair, and wigs are no exception. During the heating process, the hair will become dry and fragile, form split ends, and lose its original luster. What's more, wigs cannot repair themselves like our hair, and the damage caused is permanent. If you want a curly look, it is recommended that you use an unheated curling iron. Also, many wigs have been re-styling, you can choose the look you want before buying. 6. Avoid sunlight and chemicals. Exposure to the sun will make your hair gradually lose its color. You can wear a scarf or hat to cover it when you go out to protect your wig from strong sunlight. Do not directly contact the wig with salt water, chlorinated water, hot water, and other irritating liquids. For example, you have to take off the wig while swimming, because chemicals in the swimming pool can damage the hair strands and may change the color of the wig or even change the texture of the wig. 7. Don't sleep with a wig. Maybe after a busy day of life, or if you find it troublesome, you just want to relax in bed and have a good night's sleep, so you wore a wig and went to sleep. But trust me, don't sleep with a wig, please. After you fall asleep, you will flip your body unconsciously, and your hair will rub against the pillow many times, which will cause the wig to become tangled and even break the hair. If you really don't want to take off your wig, it is recommended that you at least put a silk scarf on the pillow to reduce friction between the pillow and your hair. 8. Try to avoid using hair spray. Regardless of the hairspray in the pharmacy or the barbershop, repeated use of these products will damage the texture of the hair. No matter how you clean it afterward, there will be some residues on the hair follicles, making your hair look a little greasy. If you really cannot avoid using hair spray, please choose high-quality products. 9. Try to avoid using bleach. Bleaching agents can effectively bleach the knots of the wig, hide the black spots between the lace and the hair strands, and make the hairline look more natural. But you have to know that bleach will cause the wig hair to stretch, making the hair thinner and more fragile, and it is likely to break the hair. So if you want to increase the service life of the affordable human hair wigs, it is recommended that you use less bleach. 10. Keep your scalp clean. Don't feel that your hair can be left unattended just because you wear a wig. Know that keeping your hair clean and scalp healthy is also important for wigs to maintain a longer life. Only when the scalp is healthy can the scalp residue and oil penetrate into the wig. At the same time, keep your scalp clean and fresh, and wearing a wig will be more comfortable, isn't it? 11. Store the wig. How to place the wig after it is used up is also a problem that needs serious consideration. If stored improperly, the wig will become dry and fragile, break easily, and even change its shape. Every human hair virgin wigs are best stored in silk or satin fabric, if you don’t have one, you can use a plastic bag. Remember not to put it in a cloth bag or cotton bag that can absorb moisture, because it will absorb the moisture on the wig and cause the wig to dry out. The synthetic wig can be put in the net first to reduce hair friction, and then put in a plastic bag to keep it dust-free. In addition, try to distribute the fake to a cool place, or if possible, place a humidifier next to it to prevent the wig from becoming dry. After all, wigs are not cheap. I hope that the above little knowledge can help you do a good job of wig maintenance, make the wig look as natural and healthy as possible, and make it last longer. If you have other ideas, please come to Yolissa Hair store for a consultation. And Valentine's Day will be coming. And Yolissa Hair has a big promotion--wigs buy one get one.
  13. Hey, friends, Good day. I think you all browse the IG and the YouTube every day, and you must see those words,”#27 color””honey blonde” “supernovahair” What’s the “ #27 color” or the “honey blonde”? Why is so hot? Why the Instagram And YouTube beauty influencers all recommend it? If you feel confused about it, don’t worry about it. Please follow me to get more about it. 1. What is #27 color hair lace wigs? The #27 color’s other name is honey blonde. Via the special process, make the natural black becoming the honey blonde. Because of many beauty influencers’ recommendations, it’s hot. You may know the blonde, the honey blonde is more shining than the blonde. 2. Hair-types of #27 color hair lace wigs #27 color is very popular now, it’s easy for you to find the pictures and video about it. Most blogger’s choice is two types: #27 Honey Blonde frontals for sale. #27 4x4 lace closure wigs The main difference is the area of lace. 13x4 lace is ear to ear. Then why the two types are the most popular? How to choose the types for you? (1 ) In the supernovahair store, you have more choices. About the texture, we have water wave, body wave, and straight hair bundles. The length, we have 8 - 24 inches, and 18-24 inch are most popular. Density, there are 150%,180% and 200%. Cap size, you can choose small, medium, and large. We have considered the needs of different groups of people. (2 ) The color of the lace fit for most of the people The color of the lace is medium brown. For most people, you can wear them directly and even don’t need to do DIY. Or do a simple makeup to fit your skin is fine. See the picture, it’s natural and beautiful. And when we color the hair, the brown lace won’t be dirty. We can keep the beauty. If you are very white skin, do makeup is fine. It’s easy for us to do it. (3 ) How to choose the #27 color hair lace wigs ? If you know how to make it, you can choose any type you like. If you are a tiro, my suggestion is #27 13X4 lace front long wigs. It's glue-less. Then how to wear them, please refer to this video. This is the YouTube beauty influencers Challan Trishan made for supernovahair. (4) Do not color it. Since #27 color hair was dyed from natural black hair, so we don’t suggest dye it again. Or you may not get the final color which you want or the hair will be damage. Want to get a colorful hairstyle? I suggest you buy our #613 blonde lace wigs or click Colored Wigs to get the colorful wigs you like, just get the colors you want or contact us to ask if we can customize the colr you want.
  14. Может мало смотрели? Если купить готовую спальню, получиться весьма неплохая экономия. Правда не хочется брать ничего лишнего) В спальне я бы особое внимание уделила кровати https://www.beesona.ru/press/2372/ . Как никак, это главный предмет интерьера и мебель хочется покупать не только максимально комфортную, но и красивую.
  15. relex


    Вы не знали, что существуют специальные матрасы от пролежней с компрессором? как по мне, то именно это является оптимальным вариантом для борьбы с пролежнями, и ценник на мой взгляд не такой уж и высокий, меньше ста долларов за матрас качественный с компрессором это не много. Вообщем сами посмотрите, изучите ассортимент и если что подойдет можно в один клик оформить заказ, все максимально удобно.
  16. Как бороться с пролежнями у лежачего пациента, какие методы вы могли бы порекомендовать, чтоб они действительно были эффективные? Заранее спасибо!
  17. Это может быть что -угодно, только при личном осмотре у ветеринара можно определить что это. Запишитесь на прием ветеринара- хирурга hirurgija-travmatologija и он сможет назначить лечение. Думаю, там ничего серьезного, но лучше все таки обратиться к специалисту.
  18. В данном вопросе вам помогут грамотные специалисты из компании "Панорама Плюс" ,которые специализируются на термодиффузионном цинковании покрытий уже много лет.Я сам к ним обращался недавно,это очень ответственная компания,которая работает с высоким знанием своего дела и отвечает за качество своих услуг.Однозначно рекомендую их.
  19. Если кто-то задумался над тем,как заработать в сети интернет,я рекомендую для начала найти информативные площадки,которые будут полезны вам в поиске самого лучшего способа в этом вопросе.Мне вот очень нравится блог про заработок "Cash Kopilka" ,в котором вы можете узнать о хайпах,прочитать статьи про криптовалюту и различных инвестициях и т.д.
  20. Кстати,есть такой сервис,называется "Rabota Oplata" ,в котором размещаются различные объявления о работе со всей России.Это своего рода база вакансий,собранных со всего Интернета.Очень удобный сервис,легкий в поиске и выдает просто огромную массу предложений о различной работе: для всех,даже для студентов,для дам в декрете и т.д.
  21. У нас в новой квартире были проблемы с тараканами,тоже пришлось решать проблему при помощи специалистов.Те средства,которые мы использовали сами,никак не избавляли нас от проблемы.В итоге нам пришла на встречу компания "ДезСервис" ,у цены на уничтожение различных видов начинаются от 1100 руб.(зависит от комнат).Недорого,зато эффективно.
  22. In the winter, dry weather can be damaging to your wig. Dry weather can strip the moisture out of your wig, which could make the human hair on the wig more brittle and prone to breaking. Your wig may also start to look frizzy. Care Tips 1 First of all, we have to do it for moisturizing, and choose toiletries with nourishing and moisturizing effects. In addition, those hair care products with moisturizing effects are naturally indispensable, such as hair masks and gels. You will find that moisturized hair is easy to take care of a lot of. You can choose some moisturizing and smoothing sprays to moisturize rough hair. You could carry a moisturizing and smoothing spray in your bag to add moisture to your hair at any time. Dry hair in winter also can be solved by applying SPA to the hair yourself. Mix coconut oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil and knead it into the hair, then braid the hair and wash it twice with shampoo after 10 minutes to remove the surface. oil. Choose hair products with moisturizing effects. Saturate the cortex of the hair with moisture to keep it moisturized and shiny. Care Tips 2 The dry season often makes the hair insufficiently moisturized. The product of the encounter between dry air and dry hair is static electricity. Therefore, the hair is most likely to have static electricity in autumn and winter, so that the hair is knotted, fluffy and messy, and difficult to comb. As long as conditions permit, it is best to pull the tangled hair away with your fingers before combing. Do not comb directly from the root to the tip of the hair when combing, but start about two centimeters from the tip of the hair. After combing all the tangles, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb. But it’s not necessary to comb your hair too hard. On the contrary, it can easily make the hair fall out. Care Tips 3 Wash your real hair before putting on the wig. In general, it is not recommended to wash the wig frequently. It is better to wash it every 7-14 days. Don't wash it when it feels a bit messy. This will damage the material of the wig and cause the hair to break. If you sweat a lot during running and fitness, it is recommended to wash it every two or three days. After washing, it’s best to blow your hair for 6/7 minutes to dry, and let the rest dry naturally. Care Tips 4 The ultraviolet rays in the sun will destroy the melanin in the hair, and the the hair will fade, become yellow, and dull. The strong alkaline perm will also destroy the hair tissue and tendons, causing the hair to change color. Therefore, the key to preventing the yellowing of hair is to avoid excessive sun exposure and over-dyeing your wig. Care Tips 5 There are many kinds of affordable human hair wigs on the market at present. The choice of lace material is also a factor related to the effect of wig wearing, and also affects the user's feeling. We'd better choose to buy real lace front wigs human hair, which have good quality, better-wearing effect, comfortable, good breathability and long-last. West Kiss hair store offer all kinds of HD lace front wigs and blonde lace front wigs, which is one of the most popular human hair wigs on West Hair now, you can try it. In the winter, the low humidity inside and outside already does enough damage to your wig. Don't add on to the damage by blow-drying your wig. You want to minimize the amount of heat you expose your wig to, as heat dries out and damages your wig.
  23. Доброго времени суток. Ну на дорогих покупках всегда хочется сэкономить. Я вот Macbook недавно брал и долго не мог найти магазин, который предлагал бы купить его выгодно. Тогда, один мой друг посоветовал мне магазин https://www.istore.ua/ , где каждый день проходят какие-то акции. Благодаря их щедрости я смог купить компьютер с большущей скидкой.
  24. нет,такого опыта у меня точно не было.но надеюсь вам ответят на этом форуме на ваш вопрос.
  25. а если вам на строительном форуме попробовать спросить?явно результативнее мне кажется будет))
  26. я только еще собираю информацию на счет различных бирж на которых можно зарабатывать нормальные деньги.
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